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6 sports at the 2016 Rio Olympics that a Dentist sits at the sidelines…

Olympic athlete with a mouthguard
An athlete from the 2004 Athens Olympics receiving a mouthguard and giving a “thumbs-up” at the clinic for Olympians and Olympic Officials. [source: https://hub.olympic.org/rio-2016]
You’ve probably heard the message often enough, but its for real. There are some sports and activities dentists recommend you wear a mouthguard for to protect yourself from serious and costly dental injury. Even elite athletes aren’t immune from these hazards!

At the 2016 Rio olympics, the host nation is required to provided an eight-chair dental practice to support the athletes and olympic officials during the competition. Six sports will have Dentists present at the sidelines to provide dental first aid in the event of a serious dental injury.

The sports considered to be at greatest risk of dental injury at the olympics are:

  • Basketball;
  • Boxing;
  • Handball (european);
  • Hockey;
  • Rugby; and
  • Water polo

No real surprises there, but if you yourself play one of these and don’t have a mouthguard, you’re playing a game of chance. I’d recommend coming in to see me to get one custom made for you soon. The cost of the mouthguard is less than half of one filling to repair a broken tooth and many health insurance policies cover some or all of the cost.

And don’t forget our advice on dental trauma here…

6 sports at the 2016 Rio Olympics that a Dentist sits at the sidelines…

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