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Same Day Crowns, Bridges, Veneers

An amazing service now available is the Same-day Crown, Bridge or superior quality porcelain veneers from Odontologica Dental. That’s right, instead of waiting 2-3 weeks and making do with temporaries, we can now complete the work for you all in the one day (by appointment).

Odontologica Dental has recently commissioned the absolute latest in digital dental equipment, providing the next major advancement in Dentistry – digital workflow. By now, many of you will be aware that many aspects of general manufacturing have moved digital, with gains in speed, precision and access to techniques and technology not previously possible. Now these technologies are available in dentistry allowing you to gain a beautiful, metal free smile in just hours.

The Planmeca FIT system – laptop and design software, 3d intraoral scanner, 4 axis cnc mill.
The Vita 6000M dental porcelain furnace for glazing and characterisation of dental ceramics.

Dr. Draper has chosen to invest in this proven new technology and become one of the few practices in Queensland to purchase the Planmeca FIT system. This system comprises a high precision  digital dental intraoral 3d scanner which provides a more accurate impression than with the old, gooey impression pastes used for crown and bridgework. Now in less time than the old technique, a digital representation of the teeth is taken, which is then processed through advanced dental design software to create a highly accurate computerised plan of the final restoration. This plan is then sent to a high precision four-axis milling machine where the crown, veneer or bridge is cut from a block of metal-free glass ceramic. Without the need for intermediary steps, errors and distortions can be minimised.

It’s not all machines though, the final stage of finishing, polishing and characterising the restoration is done with a human touch by Dr. Draper, with porcelain glazes and stains applied and fired in a Vita Vacumat 6000M furnace to achieve the absolute best material properties and aesthetic results.

From start to finish, we’re able to provide some restorations in as little as 2 hours, though this will vary by complexity and design. Nearly all restorations are possible to be provided on a same-day basis. Consultation is always necessary prior to the procedure where such things as suitability can be considered and discussed.

So if you’ve been holding off because of bad experiences or a packed schedule, why not try this new technology. You’ll be amazed by what’s possible with Dr. Draper.

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