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Quality Australian made dental appliances

Quality Australian made dental appliances

For a number of dental procedures, we must have precision fitting dental appliances made just for you. This includes items like crowns, bridges, occlusal splints, snore appliances, and dentures. These all need to be made with a precision much less than the thickness of a human hair.

Recently, there has been a sustained attack on the Australian market by cheap overseas suppliers who take advantage of regulatory loopholes and sell products which use inferior quality materials and components, and are made overseas to a price, not to a quality standard.

In healthcare, this simply will not do and represents false economy. Here at Odontologica, we will have none of that!

Australian dental technicians

We have carefully selected a number of highly skilled artisans to provide these services who share our passion for high quality dentistry. All of these are based in South East Queensland region, allowing fast turnarounds and to keep the jobs locally and to support the little guys just like us. Our ceramic and gold crowns are made in Mount Gravatt, with other work made in Mount Gravatt, Ipswich, Brisbane city or the Sunshine Coast all highly qualified technician-artisans with decades of experience. These people only use materials and components cleared for safety by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration and of the highest quality. By being located within around an hour of our practice, it minimises the risk of damage or distortion to the models during transit, resulting in a better result.

What’s more, we’re happy to say that this quality approach doesn’t necessarily cost you more, but certainly does result in a better result for you and keeps most of the money here in Australia.

So why not let us optimise your oral health and function.

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