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2021 Update for the Medicare Child Dental Scheme

For a while now, eligible families have been able to have their children’s essential dental treatment provided at no cost to them under Medicare through the Child Dental Benefits Schedule. This scheme is still in operation and the Government has indexed the scheme on 1 January 2021 to partially account for inflation since the initial implementation. Eligible individuals now qualify for $1013 of basic treatment across two calendar years through the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule in accordance with the program rules.

We think that it is vitally important to provide children with a pleasant experience at the Dentist, as these memories will often stay with them for life and flavour their interaction and regularity of care once they reach adulthood. We encourage you to have your child’s checkup with us.

Childrens Dentistry at Odontologica

We’re make it our goal to offer outstanding and empathetic care to your children.

Childrens dentistry and good oral health routines should begin from around the time they get their first baby teeth. We can provide consistency of dentist for your children so that they and yourself can build trust and confidence in the diagnosis and preventive care during these important developmental years, and by keeping the same Dentist the monitoring of growth and development of the face and teeth can be better monitored and early interventions performed if necessary to ensure the best results.

For children aged from 3-7, we encourage and invite you to arrange a complimentary familiarisation visit ahead of their checkup to let them become aware of the environment and routines used at the dentist, as well as getting to meet us as people – making it less likely that they will be apprehensive when they next meet us. We have a ceiling mounted television, and the practice overlooks a busy dog park – we’ve found both of these to be very effective distractions for our patients.

We use a special diagnostic camera, which uses a technology known as DIFOTI (Digital Imaging Fibreoptic Transillumination). This allows us to examine for hidden tooth decay in the grooves and in between the teeth without the use of x-rays in many cases. Of course, we will use x-rays when clinically necessary and have high resolution digital imaging which provides a lower radiation dose than old fashioned wet-film radiography.

We are an amalgam free dental practice and utilise materials which help to slow the development of future tooth decay. This is a great advancement in childrens dentistry, allowing for what is known as minimally invasive dentistry. For many children, we recommend the placement of what are known as fissure sealants to make the teeth less likely to trap food in their grooves and develop decay. Where necessary, we are able to provide stainless steel crowns and more aesthetic alternatives if needed.

There is evidence now suggesting that the problem of partial airway obstruction and sleep disordered breathing in children is far more widespread than previously thought. We screen children during the consultation for signs and symptoms which are recommended for further specialist review with a paediatric Ear-Nose-Throat surgeon. The signs and symptoms in older children (age 3-12) can be:

  • Noisy breathing or snoring
  • Periods of interrupted breathing or breathing pauses
  • Tooth grinding (bruxism)
  • Sluggishness/lack of refreshment from sleep
  • Inattentiveness
  • Hyperactivity

Where we identify clinical cases, after discussion we will often recommend you seek comprehensive review with a paediatric Ear-Nose-and-Throat surgeon. It is interesting to note that tonsillar infections are not a necessary prerequisite, and many children may have a history of allergies contributing to the enlargement. Expert review is recommended in all cases.

We offer treatment for tongue and lip tie for children aged 3 and above on a referral basis from your GP, Paediatric Physician or Speech Therapist. More details are available on our tongue and lip tie page.

Medicare Child Dental

If you meet the Government specified eligibility criteria, your children may each be entitled to dental treatment under the Medicare Child Dental Benefit Schedule. We bulk bill Medicare (instant on-the-spot claiming) for eligible treatments meaning no cost to you to make certain that your child can have good teeth which help to ensure their teeth aren’t a distraction at school, can boost their self esteem and confidence, and ensure good nutrition.

With our weekend and evening appointments, you can make sure that your child spends their time at school learning, rather than waiting around at the school dental clinic.

We encourage you to check the Commonwealth Department of Human Services website for information on the Child Dental Benefits Schedule. We are able to check your eligibility and benefits limits.

All children deserve the right care

We firmly believe that all children deserve the right care. That’s why we do our best to accommodate all children, including those different or special needs. Our surgeries are designed to accommodate wheelchairs, though we do recommend you contact us or visit to ensure our facilities are completely suitable.

We have experience with treating a wide range of children living with ASD. Our goal is to provide routine dental care in a routine setting, and to normalise and standardise the process of basic dental care so that they can develop trust and minimise anxiety around the visit.

We encourage you to discuss your situation with us. We will spend the time without rushing. To allow for this, we can negotiate times outside of our usual hours to facilitate treatment. Many children can be safely and comfortably managed with the use of nitrous oxide inhalation sedation, although every child must be assessed for suitability. Please discuss this further with us if you think it may be of interest.

When necessary, we are able to refer to specialists in Paediatric Dentistry and others who are specialists in Special Needs Dentistry to ensure the best, most appropriate childrens dentistry treatments can be offered in the right setting, including full sedation or day surgery.

So please call 0731512850 to arrange an appointment to start or continue their care with us.

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