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About Odontologica

About Odontologica

Wanting to know more about Odontologica? It’s the Dental Practice researched, created and realised by Dr. Andrew Draper. With more than 18 years experience as a dentist in the Royal Australian Air Force, and now more than 20 years as a Dentist, having instructed at three major dental schools, he has a clear vision of what outstanding dental care should be like.

Dr. Draper wishes this practice to be known for providing personalised, superior quality affordable personalised dental care.

Core Values

Five core values shape every facet of this practice, from the way our staff relate to each other, to the way we treat our clients:

  • Respect
  • Professionalism
  • Superior standards of service
  • Placing the customer at the centre of what we do
  • Ethical conduct

Philosophy and approach to treatment

Put simply, Dr. Draper understands that dental wellness means different things to different people. At its foundation however , lies a measurable, predictable, diagnosis and prognosis based in science and evidence obtained from individual patients and an understanding of the dental research. We don’t offer the latest dental fads, rather we focus on proven treatments that work. We don’t try and rush you to sign up for treatment and get the next patient in. We want to take the time to work with you to develop the right approach to address your treatment needs and personal preferences in a genuinely friendly and personalised manner, intended to minimise the stress of the visit.

Sometimes the best dental treatment takes time. Dr. Draper places a strong emphasis on preventive and minimally invasive dental treatment, and seldom finds the need to recommend treatment urgently unless it relates to the active treatment of pain, trauma or active infection. We are happy to take the time to work with you to stop the damage, repair, then enhance your overall oral function and appearance.

With his experience and training, Dr. Draper has seen enough cases to understand that sometimes the best results are obtained by a specialist. Specialists have completed a minimum of three years deep, detailed learning and research into a single area of dentistry. To take advantage of this, where appropriate, cases are referred to a selected group of hand-picked specialists who work to co-manage complicated treatment. These include specialists in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics, Endodontics (root canal treatment), Prosthodontics (complex crown and bridgework), Periodontology (gum disease specialist), Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Paedodontics (children), and Special Needs Dentistry.

We actively seek to manage your oral health in conjunction with your Medical practitioners. The latest evidence is clear that oral health impacts your overall health in ways many people may not have realised:

  • blood glucose control in diabetics often improves when active gum disease is treated
  • treatment of dental disease and gum disease may contribute a small to improvements in cardiovascular risk;
  • untreated dental disease may contribute to higher rates of fertility problems and low-birthweight babies; and
  • associations between untreated dental disease, increased risk of cancer, and also increased risk of Alzheimer dementia.


So don’t put it off any longer.

Make a positive step for your own oral health today. Contact us today to arrange a consultation! You’ll be glad you did.


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